Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finishing Touches and Other Stuff

Welp folks I've completely finished some UFO's (insert applause here)!!!!! Yes it is quite a feat with all that's been going on in my life lately. 
Let's see what all the applause is about shall we. I have grandson on the way any day now and I was finally able to complete his sweater by adding buttons.  My daughter wanted these buttons she says they add a bit of whimsy. Then I finished the Car Seat Cover with his Initials. What I forgot to photograph is the flipside of the cover.
And finally I was able to get all my parts together and fixed my Serger. I'm so happy because now I can start on some serious work.

I'm a Grandma who's been very busy

I just realized it's been over a month since my last post so this is going to be a pic & news heavy post so grab a cup of tea or coffee and get comfy cause here we go.

The well I signed up for a SWAP on Ravelry because I love knitting cowls and I've done SWAPs before but this one by far was the BEST one I've ever participated in.  It's like my giver was totally in tuned with me and really made my day and then to hear from the person I had that they totally liked their package too made this so so so very very AWESOME to me!!!!!

My partner was Erban on Ravelry and I so totally love her for getting ME.  I've always wanted some NORO yarn and for those that read my blog you know I love Malabrigo she is so awesome because this package contained BOTH yes Both yarns.   JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next item was a suit that a lady from my church asked if I could alter for her.  She needed the sleeves shorten and wanted the pants made into a skirt so here's the process

We had discussed doing a high/low hem but as I got to the end I realized that there wasn't enough material to pull that off and have it look tailored.  What I learned doing this alteration is how to shorten lined sleeves although I would love to be able to actually do a lined jacket from scratch.......stay tuned for that.  I also understand how to make a pair of pants into a well fitting skirt.  You know I've always wondered about the possibility of it all. What do you think?

In preperation of the birth of my grandson his mother wanted me to make a cover for his carseat so we picked this fabric and here it is.

So we got up on October 27, 2013 and made preperation for church and this is my baby and her baby
Carmen on her way to church 
and this is PaPa on 10-29-13 after 36 hours of labor 

                                                       and here's Big Mama and Kaiden
                                              Auntie Camille and Kaiden ready to come home
                                                Kaiden in his carseat ready for the ride home

So in love with this precious bundle of Joy as I think back two years ago 10/2/11 when his mother, my youngest daughter and 3 other relatives almost died in a horrific car accident on the highway I've got so much to thank God for.  He can take a near fatal incident and bring so much joy and life to let you know that Now Faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the Evidence of things NOT seen.  He makes no mistakes.  
On that note I'm greatful and will be back hopefully not in another month to let you know what I've been up to.  Next on the agenda is Holiday meals and gifts.  Be blessed and as always be Creative.