Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prince Gone to Soon

From the beginning to the present Prince was and always will be a Vocal and Instrumental musician's musician!!!! He brought us so many wonderful songs, stayed true to his craft, gave his knowledge and influence to other musicians, fought to keep performers from giving up their hardwork and have the music industry professionals take credit.

Prince that you for all that you gave me for staying current and branching out to movies the first week of Purple Rain I saw that movie 10 times and Under the Cherry Moon did it for me!!!!

Gone to soon but Never Forgotten it felt so good to talk to my brother about my love for you and bringing a smile to my face that's why I chose a picture of you smiling. I see the joy in your heart for your craft!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yes, I Guess You Can Say I've Been a Bit Busy

Tis the season for showers, birthdays and all the other celebrations that this time of the year brings. I'm sharing my contribution to some deserving souls. 

I was able to complete my first C2C pattern as a Baby shower gift to one of the young ladies at my church.  It has been all over my Facebook Crochet groups and it looked so nice in every different type of yarns.
So sorry for the lighting this is my completed C2C baby blanket.  I used Lions Brand Homespun 

then I had to create something to give to a wonderful young lady and her future hubby-to-be I was browsing through her FB page and found this quote it was perfect as the core of this gift.  So I got a canvas and went to work. First I found a font that I liked printed them out, taped and traced onto the canvas

Here's the finished project I drew the heart vines

  Both events were a hit and my small part was definitely appreciated. Now I'm able to make something for Me which rarely happens. I'm doing the C2C that's Corner to Corner blanket. I'm finding it to be challenging due to severe numbness and pain, but it will get done. Stay tuned I hope to have it done by my birthday on the 24 of this month.

I just stated my birthday is this month so why not celebrate and enjoy every act of kindness that comes my way.  So I saw the Stamp by Recollections on IG and I just had to have it!!!! Will after my Dr's appointment we went to Michaels armed with the IG picture in hand well I spotted that roll of Washi that I've been eyeing for months all over Social media. And the MAMBI sticker book just was the icing on the cake.

Oh yeah, l created this card and envelope set for the surprise birthday I attended. 

So yes, I indeed have been putting in some time to be creative and caring to others while gaining a sense of achievement for myself while fighting for my new position in life since my health is failing me no it's challenging me to find other ways to stay creative and sharing my gifts with those around me and those who have yet to meet me!!!

Go and Be Great!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bible Journaling and More Goodness

Here's just a few of my pages since I last posted about my study of Grace. You can check out this post.
here are a few of my different posts in my Journaling Bible I haven't really journaled in the OT portion of my Bible up to this point but now I have my Illustrated Faith Die cuts and I decided go head and jump in so here's my first post Genesis 1
 by far on of my most favorite people in the Bible is the story of Job.  If you ever wonder or asked God why me stop and consider that God chose you because like Job God knows that you are living the life that you were called to live and this is just a test.
Here is my entry from March 17 Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. No matter what God is able to keep us even in the midst of our worst storm.
Here are my 2 kits from Illustrated Faith from Daysprings the Created to Create kit which I love so far.  What I love about these kits is that they bring so many different ways that you can use the kits in my journaling.
and then here's the 2nd kit called the Beautiful Kit
I can't wait to share with you how I have created words of gratitude to God.  I love to know that I can use my talents to express how His Word is speaking to me.  These kits are cool because they include  
  • Items in kit:
    • 1 devotional booklet (14 devotionals)
    • 1 stamp pad
    • 1 clear stamp collection with 1 sheet of cut outs enclosed
    • 1 roll of washi tape
    • 1 package of 3 Scripture sharables
    • 1 sticker
    • 1 bow clip
    This is a cool way of getting started in the art of Bible Journaling and it doesn't have to be done in your Bible.  You can journal in a notebook or other homemade booklet of your liking and join me along with many other Believers from around the World. 
    Until next time stay blessed and stay creative. 

    Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Finding Happiness After..........

    Hey Y'all, so it's been a few weeks and I've been so busy with showers, funerals, church and Dr's. appointments and then getting sick over the end of last weekend.  So in the next few posts I will share all of my fun times with you. 
    But today, I wanted to share my feelings on a post I saw this morning.  I was scrolling Instagram and THIS
      Angela Simmons had posted this and it struck a chord in me that prompted this post.  So every once in a while I've talked about being ill since 2012.  I finally had a full diagnosis in 2013, surgery in 2014 after a few hospital stays and several attempts at Physical therapy.  Only to learn a few months later that my surgery was only half way successful.  Needless to say, I was really upset because normally you have surgery it takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal and then you're back to normal.
    So what happens when that's not your case?  Well for me pain, sleepless nights, a cane, no longer able to work in my field or anything else I have skills for is now my reality.  I had a very difficult time trying to process my new "norm".  When you're used to being on-the-go, not having to ask for help, and so many other things a great for instance is typing this post.  I love to post to my blog and keep in touch with the friends in blog land but this post alone has taken me 3 days to post.   So a 20 to 30 minute task is now taking a ridiculously long time.  You're probably saying then why do it; well I will answer that here shortly.
    Happiness was found when I became grateful for life. I may have disabilities but I'm still alive.  I may not be able to complete tasks as quickly as before but with patience I can still get the job done.  Although, I don't drive anymore I have wonderful family and friends that do what they can to help me get out the house. 
    Happiness is in knowing and appreciating that it would've been worse BUT God saw fit to spare you from that.  I'm so glad for all of his love, grace and mercy.  It's knowing that I have my family and friends, that I have cultivated new hobbies that allow me to be creative, I've learned that God has a purpose for everything that has happened in my life. 
    Happiness is embracing change knowing that there's goodness to come out of it.  That there is wonderful opportunities that will come because you have an expectation of happiness.  Here's my tip, word of encouragement or my drop of knowledge;  never allow change to change your outlook on life, you always have the chance to shine even if the masses don't witness it. 
    You can't move forward looking back!!!  So You can't find Happiness while being Angry.  Learn that it's YOU not them; that YOUR power doesn't belong to anyone else but YOU.  So stop and take a honest look at self and work on being Happy.  Yes, life may be handing you Lemons but you can turn around and make one heck of a batch of Lemonade that will have everyone wanting to have some of yours while trying to figure out How did you manage that.  

    Happiness is a Choice that only YOU are capable of making and sustaining. I pray that you will choose Happiness. Be Blessed and Be Encouraged

    Thursday, March 17, 2016

    Review 18 Scriptures on Grace

    Hey Everyone so happy we're back together and I'm finally done with the Study of Grace. 
    I have to confess that I have become even more humbled by what I was introduced to by the Word of God. I now understand that God desires us to have the Gift of Grace but we must desire to and work for it!!!
    Here are more of my Bible Journaling entries and I walk away from this feeling so humbled in the Love of God towards me.  As I studied these scriptures I thought what if God only sought out the Israelites ONLY?   How would we be in the way of Faith, Salvation, Spiritual relationship and so much more.  Would I be a Muslim, Buddhist or whatever else?   


    In my review of the 18 Scriptures regarding Grace here are the points that stood out to me
    • Grace is a gift through the Redemption that is Christ Jesus
    • I asked myself this question after reading Acts 6:8 How can I serve in the Grace that God granted me?  Stephen was willing to do whatever it takes to please God.  So should I have that same desire as Stephen to do whatever, however and for whomever I have the chance to serve.
    • It's important not to become caught up in the hype of church instead we should follow good teaching and suffering for the Kingdom is how you grow in GRACE
    • Praying to God the Father needs to include Our Faith so that we can walk away knowing that God is Going to answer our prayers
    • We must remain humble in order to obtain the Gift of Grace. Don't allow ourselves to become high and mighty as God loves a Pure heart.
    • God gave us talents and gifts with great knowledge and power But we must make sure that we take all of that and give it back to God in our service of others.
    There's so much more to this but what I do want you to know is that it's up to each of us as Believers to serve others with a pure heart and an open mind because at the end of the day we owe God everything. 

    If you find my posts on the Study of Grace and would like to study the scriptures I used please let me know.  May you be blessed and stay creative. 

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    Starting the New Year with GRACE

    I never choose a word for the Year but this year God put the word GRACE in my heart.  I made mention of this in a previous post but I wanted to share the 18 scriptures that I found about Grace.  In sharing these verses with you please know that God purposely places messages in our hearts for the growth, peace and renewing of our strength. 

    I pray that you may pick up your Bible rather it be on your Mobile Device, Tablet or Laptop!!! Here are the 18 scriptures I've been studying and Journaling about in my Journaling Bible.  If you are moved please take time to read these scriptures so that it will bless your life as it is blessing mine. 

    Esther 2;16-20                2 Corinthians 12:8-10                Romans 3:20-24
    John 1:14                        Romans 1:1-5                            Acts 6:8
    Ephesians 4:7                 Hebrews 13:9                             Ephesians 2:8-10
    2 Peter 1:2                      Hebrews 4:16                             1 Peter 4:10
    James  4:6                      2 Corinthians 8:7                        Titus 2:11
    Romans 6:14                  Romans 11:6                               Acts 15:11

    Here are a few of my entries so far, I hope they will inspire you to grab your Bible and a notebook and get right into the Word of God.  Tip:::  Pray asking God to give you understanding of the scriptures that you're reading and how can you apply them to your life. 

    This isn't every entry but I just wanted to share some of my journaling with you.  There are times that I actually Journal what God places on my heart after I study the Word but I mostly put that on paper or as you see the Chosen card has the thoughts that God gave me. 

    Be Blessed and Stay Creative. 

    Thursday, February 18, 2016

    It's a New Year with a New Perspective

    I've never chosen a Word for the year but this has been by far one of my most trying years; Personally and Spiritually. So as a method of Encouraging myself I chose  GRACE  a :  unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification
    b :  a virtue coming from God
    c :  a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace  So in the days and weeks to come I desire to grow in Grace so that the love of God is able to shine through even on my worst day My Actions should show the Love of God because the Gift of Life deserves me giving God my Best!!!!

    These are some of the entries I made in my Journaling Bible.  Bible Journaling for those who still aren't familiar is a method of writing, drawing, scraping the meaning you got out of the chapter, verse you read.   So as you can see my Focus is Grace and as the definition above states Grace is a gift.  I desire to live my life serving others because of the Grace (gift of redemption and salvation)  that God has granted me.
    I try to journal daily but that doesn't always happen because of my illness but I feel so FREE when I'm able to sit quietly and commune with my Father and create what my heart is feeling

    Being with God like this puts so much into perspective as to how we are suppose to train our hearts and minds to want to be like Christ Jesus. 
    Here you see my first attempt at making and writing in a ribbon banner.  I don't like how it turned out but this is not about artist perfection it's about coming to God the Father seeking the Truth
    about how he feels about me daily.

    Just knowing that I am loved makes my storm easier to endure.  When you're sick and instead of improving you keep running into roadblocks....(but I know God is doing this with a purpose in mind). I'm happy in Grace that God grants me through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

    As you see from the pages above and this one you can use abstract art, you can do tip-ins, paste items on like the flowers at the bottom.  You can add ribbons, tassels and so much more.  At the end of the day this is a wonderful expression of prayer, meditation, studying and journaling your heartfelt feelings and conviction.

    I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out what comes from my heart.  I pray that you will be encouraged to try getting more in tuned with Father God and learn of Him so that we will know how to love one another. 

    Be Blessed and stay Creative

    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    How I found Planner Peace

    Hey Ladies and Gents, so I am all over social media and in the various groups for Planners I hear us saying we're striving, looking, trying to figure out if we've in fact found Planner Nirvana.
    So let me share my thoughts on the What, When, Why and How did I get there.  

    ***DISCLAIMER- I am not a paid spokesman***

    When- I started paper planning in high school backing in the early '83 after going to Franklin Covey with my Aunt. I used that planner which was an hourly layout for I know the next 8-10 yrs.  By this time technology was moving us to use devices and I went digital. Although I used this method I still managed to forget, not receive alerts and I began writing things down here and there. In October 2011 my daughters, my Aunt and two of my cousins were in a near fatal car accident. 

    Why- Because they were in another city and I had so much happening I found a Planner in Target because I now had to keep up with everything for 3 households at once.

    What-  I discovered how much I missed writing my life down. It was so much easier to answer questions about what happened, who had what appointment, when to refill meds, therapy, how are they doing and also what's going on with church and the rest of my family.

    How- I decided that I wanted to upgrade so I got the one on the R- Melvedy Designs on Etsy.  Once I got this planner it was to small and wasn't formatted to my liking so I gave it to my daughter who loved it.  After about 100+ YouTube videos I ended up buying the Erin Condren Life Planner and I have to say I loved it so much.

     This is the month-at-glance for June 2015 with enough room for several entries per day. 
     Here is how I use my Planner I'm not really big on going all out with decorations I'm more focused on functionality than anything else.  Please don't get me wrong I love a pretty planner
    but I need it to work for me as a functional Planner especially with Dr. appts, therapy, tests, specialist and home and church life.

     As you can see from the photos above I have tried to figure out how to better work my Planner.  What do I want to track in it?  Will it be for everything like Appts., Meal Planning, Water Intake, online purchasing, when I mailed out packages, cleaning schedule for my house, church events, family events......the lists could go on and on and on!!

    As I became more affiliated with FB and IG planner groups and people I learn I could take my ECLP out of the wire binding I got this Daytimer Binder and I went ahead and tore out my pages and put them inside I even made some dividers. I thought this was my peaceful place.....naw it didn't meet my real expectation.  BUT..............

    Then I saw this pretty Kikki-K Binder and knew this was the right Binder for me and when she arrived this was the beginning of my Planner Nirvana

    As you can see this is so beautiful and What I loved also was the additional pockets and pen loop.  I am beginning to be pleased with my Planner I'm figuring out what works for me and for the first time I know there's enough room to expand/decrease at anytime. 

    As I look forward to 2016 I was really debating what Planner do I stay with ECLP or use a Printable, create my own inserts.  My concerns were; will the paper quality be the same, what is the Price Point; so back to YouTube I went and began to see MAMBI's the Happy Planner and based on the reviews and a with a bit of prompting from my Planner buddy Shirlene, I decided to go and touch it . 

    Well I made my way to Michaels and as you can see I got my Happy Planner along with a few extra items to sweeten the deal. 

    Here's my Month of December 2015 layout and really I love them.  This is by far a great Planner with the quality of a $50+ Planner for half the price.  The Happy Planner drew me in because it lives up to the implication that you will be happy using their planner. 

    Here is a weekly layout without much writing but I love this Planner so much and feel that this is the best for having you keep record of things you don't always think about.  In the version I have at the beginning of each month there are prompts of what your focus is for that month, Birthdays, what are you Grateful for and Important Dates

    here you have a week layout which to me is great there is a Thoughts Column to the Left which I use mine for To-Do and To Call, I love the boxes which are labeled Morning, Afternoon and Night.  I love this because there is a bit more room than the ECLP.  The paper quality is the same as the ECLP. 
    What has brought me to Planner Nirvana isn't what type of Planner I have, what fluff(Stickers, Washi Tape, PL Journaling Cards)  I can use weekly.  Planner Nirvana for me is finding what works for your life no matter what that entails.  I'm happy and can't wait to find my Happy Planner for next year.  MAMBI hats off to you for creating a product that offers more than just writing down dates and times. If you don't believe me or are still looking and not sure.....why don't you come on over to MAMBI and see for yourself.
     Until next time Be Encouraged and Be Creative.