Saturday, December 26, 2009

Making My way Back

Been gone for a while but here with sad news I lost my first grandchild on Christmas Eve and almost lost my child in the process. Just grateful for a wonderful team of nurses and doctors that took her complaints seriously and did what was needed and saved her life. It's been a rough road but I thank God for saving her life and the grace to give her another chance. She's still physically sick having to go back in the hospital twice and because of this we just buried Amir on Jan. 5th.

It's been really hard to get back into the swing of things and so much so til the next day I ended up in the hospital the next day with chest pains only to be admitted and discover my cholesterol is high by +45 points and I had to start on heart medication for tachycardia (rapid heart beat).

Getting back into the mood of crafting should seem like the natural thing to relieve stress but I'm so worried that my daughter could turn again at any moment my concentration has been off. I did manage to make this card to add to my collection of cards. This is a plan little card inspired by this Martha Stewart punch.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pictureless Post and 2010 Projections

OK wanted to show some progress on a few last Christmas projects that I've been working on but unfortunately I can't find my adapter for my memory card so this will just be a blog of random thoughts.

First there hasn't been any real progress this year in my long list of items I wanted to do before the end of 2009. I had this long list on Ravelry that would and did include something for all the special people in my life and was able to make a few things and my job with it's changes and long hours got in the way. I did however manage to complete 2 crochet sweaters for myself that I'm actually proud of. You know the main thing is to go out in public and people as where did you buy that from and you can tell them you made it and have them say wow. Great feeling as you crafters know.

A few things that came into my world this year was the joy of cardmaking and the pursuit of scrapbooking. On the sewing front not much to show but a most of the fabric choices from last year and nothing cut out. I did however manage to get making a good uniform scrub top down and now have a TNT pattern for that. Quilting brought a few baby quilts but nothing more than that. The other thing that I had become good at was posting regularly to my blog and now I changed from Wordpress back to Blogger where I first started out and just haven't taken the time to sit and rededicate myself to being accountable with my crafts. There's something inspiring about putting yourself out there to others that at times pushes you to stay true to what you say you love doing. It's what I miss the most about blogging. The camaraderie of sharing that new yarn, fabric, creating tool, reference material or new and fabulous find that has propelled me to keep forging ahead to explore and create.

2010 Projections

I want to learn Fair Isle knitting for real this year and at least make a nice hat or pair of mittens.
Make more clothing for myself
Have all of my projects for the holidays done by Oct. instead of the proverbial day before panic
and as always to grow as a creator and crafter.

Hopefully I will get back here before the end of next week but if not Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Cardis

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving I surely did and seeing my brother and his family was really nice. My parents outdid themselves with the food. There were 17 of us there and it was enough for all of us to eat well take some home and go back and eat again. Whew.............but I loved it. Here's a pic of the little nieces happily posing together.

Kayla,Brooklyn, Morgan, Bailey and A'Nyiah doing their Diva Girls pose

I've been gone for a while but I'm settling in to my new place and working harder than ever I thought they told us when we went life on EPIC which is the new electronic medical records program things would go smoother and that has yet to be the case. There have however been some completed works and nearly completed efforts. I finally completed my Lacey Ladie Crochet Cardi. I had thought of using a button at the top but my girls thought that it looked fine without one so here it is. I made if from Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed 3 skeins = 630.0 yards in colorway ST64 Cherry Blossom purchased from Patternworks. This pattern although easy when you get the hang of it and for me that took 3 attempts to get it right for my size was quick and had moments of instant gratification. I have had several request for this sweater but will make it again for myself this time with longer sleeves since I did 3/4 length this time.

And this is my 2nd crochet Cardi from The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet I made it with Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted yarn in Black Purl and Charcoal for the trim and Collar from Eat.Sleep.Knit. This pattern was very easy also and I like crochet because the progress for me is much faster than knitting. You are definitely getting a totally different look with crochet than knitting but I really have wanted to give crochet garments a try and see how hip and chic I could be. I finally found some black buttons to go on my sweater and since I'm off today hope to get around to sewing them on after completing the sleeve.

Well this is all for now I have some work I brought home that I would like to hit while I feel up to it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

This weeks Digital challenge

Here's my entry in There's Magic In the Air Digital Challenge. The theme is Love and some Bling so I went straight for Stickles and Rhinestones and metallic ribbon. Can't wait for the next one. Something to get me going.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little bit of Creativity

Didn't want the week to start without me giving you just a little bit of creativity. So I'm still working on my Lacey Lady Cardi and have about 3/4 of the last sleeve to complete but I've been working on this at bedtime as I'm trying to finish up with packing the move is this week.

Well I sat down and made a few cards tell me what you think. Here's Everything's brighter with Love card. I used DCWV cardstock for the card and accent paper. Love Rub-On and Flowers to bring it all together and Stickles in Ice to add the bling.

This card was inspired by There's Magic in the Air's Monday Contest I used DCWV cardstock and added the saying before printing out the image, colored in with watercolor pencils and tied off with metallic ribbon to bring out the glitter in the accent paper.

Last on the list is a Birthday Card inspired by my daughter once she saw the velvet like cardstock. I used premade card as the foundation and added the velvet-like accent paper, adhered glitter vellum to white cardstock inked the perimeter and stamped Happy Birthday in pink and red ink to give it depth and added ribbon and bling with flowers to complete the look. Now if I could just get some scrapbooking ideas flowing.

I probably won't be posting for about 3wks as my cable company can't reconnect me until almost the end of October.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Thoughts and project updates

Just sitting here taking a break from packing and right now feeling very overwhelmed by the whole process. You know you just don't realize how much you accumulate until it's time to move. I've been packing for the past 2 weeks and still have only managed to complete half of the kitchen and dining room. OMG will the endless knick-knacks ever stop!!!!!??????

So, I'll just take a moment to work on my Lacey Lady Cardi which is almost complete after I finish the sleeves and block. Still thinking on the blocking technique as I haven't block crochet before. Hopefully when I come back from a seminar (OH JOY) that I have to attend this evening I'll post some pics and some new scrapbook layouts I've been working on. Speaking of which I could really use some Stickles glitter but no more shopping until after I move.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crocheting to nowhere....or so it seems

Okay so I've been working on my Lacey Lady Cardi for over a month now and it's going fine. What I want to talk about is my latest travel project. One Row Lace Cowl ok so I looked in my stash for something that would be soft and I wanted to do this in a DK wt. yarn so I picked Optimum in Red because it's so nice and soft and I like a pop of color with my winter wear.
Needless to say, I cast on and completed the starter row and then realized this just isn't showing the stitch definition the way I want it. I think that getting your project to come out near or close to the original pattern is important but also feel that you should feel free to express your creativity in everything you do.
Ok so what do you think?

My plan for this project is to frog this and try it with some KnitPicks Adean Silk in Cinnamon.

I'll give you an update later this week I hope.

There may be a bit of a break as I will be moving at the beginning of October so hopefully I'll be able to post my completed Cardi and the lace Cowl. In the mean time tell me what you think.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lacey Lady Crochet and The Manic Purl

Finally got my iPod loving this device. I now understand how you can want to get an iPhone and I'm trying to decide how soon to make the jump(somebody stop me). While using the browser I found a new Podcast that really makes me laugh and is easy listening at least for me it is. It's The Manic Purl with Chrissy. What I like about her podcast is she keeps her shows centered around fiber with a good pace and a knack for smooth transition on her subject matter. I started at the beginning and have made my way to about the 10th episode and I love her even more with every new podcast. You should give her a listen.

Next I would like to share my progress on the Lacey Lady Cardi I've been working on since the beginning of Aug. '09 This poor project has been frogged at least 4 times and resized twice. I finally found my groove and got to the right length and am currently on my first sleeve. Here's the front view, mind you this isn't blocked yet but I wanted you to see the progress as I keep reading on Ravelry that this took most of the people just a few days and since I'm not a swatcher that's why this took me so long. There is something to be said for swatching which I think I've only managed to do maybe twice in the 6 yrs. now that I've been knitting or crocheting. Could that be a part of the self-taught syndrome or I want what I want when I want it or I just love the creative process and it doesn't have to be perfect because that's another aspect of creating?

Here's the view from the back. I'm waiting to see how this is after blocking but I love the yarn I used for this and surprising to me my oldest DD wants one of these herself. Oh my this is a first. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog and I hope you'll continue to stop by from time-to-time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lace Cardi and other creations

I thought as I was getting ready for bed that I haven't posted here in a week; and that among staying productive is a part of my plan to enjoy my me time thing. Here's our two cards for my Epic trainers for EMR(Electronic Medical Records) system. This is for Mr. Terry not really anything elaborate but still tasteful for the occasion. The second one is for Ms. Terry her's is a little different as I used chaulk to make the outline.

Materials used
Clear Stamp~ Thank You
Border as accent strip
and Cardstock

Materials Used
Lace Trim
Flower Accents in Pink and White
Sure Cuts ALot Font
and font traced in Stickles glitter glue

Now onto the lace Cardi I've been working on for the past month. Let's just say my visual of the pattern wasn't how it was working out for me.
I started this on Aug. 1, 09 only to end up with a heaping pile of yarn twice because I couldn't get it wide enough the first time then after starting it all over I couldn't get the sleeves right. But instead it was in another heaping pile of yarn in the middle of my bed. So I did what any visual crafter would do........yes I went to Ravelry to find pics of the Cardi at the same point I was trying to get to so I could see what I'm doing wrong. THANK YOU RAVELRY!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3

Here's the back view of my lace cardi effort. I'm using Brown Sheep's Serendipity Tweed in Cherry Blossom.

Here's the front view
Going to finish getting ready for bed and will get back with you all soon with a completed cardi. Hope your projects are moving right along. Til next time CREATE.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Installment 3~Older Posts

Just stopping back by to show off more FO’s and to discuss a Frogging and plan of how to re-invent a pattern. First, I’ve been doing some crocheting and completed 2 caps one for me and the other for a co-worker after she saw my cap. Both are made with Red Heart……yes, I use acrylic blends but my top choice would be Caron Simply Soft. Well, I talk about that later.

My Cool Cap in Black had to add as a link because I can’t upload pics right now. Once I wore this work my co-worker Rachel asked for one and this is hers modeled by my youngest DD Rachel’s Cap Hope to be able to get this photo gliche worked out soon. I love a blog with pictures.

Well, here we are at the end of another year and I’ve been thinking of all I’ve done this year. It has, by far, been the most productive year since I’ve started any of my crafts. I would like to show off my accomplishments by the categories I create in.

First we have sewing and the big thing that happened to me this year was the discovery of sewing blogs and happened upon Carolyn . She was the one that set in me the drive to step out of my fear of sewing for the new sized me. I was sewing for my daughters and that was going well but I wouldn’t dare make a garment for myself. Not only was this the year to sew for myself it was also the year to learn to read patterns. What I learned this year was to have a good garment you have to plan and take your time to properly execute a fit that in the end is flattering for you. So here’s my sewing garments ‘08 projects

Now on to my crochet projects. This was the year I found Afya Ibomu of Get Your Crochet On. This was actually the only thing I could figure out on my own as a child but didn’t know how to put it all together so now you can link to my crochet hats from Ms. Ibomu. Crochet projects ‘08 I look forward to adding some crocheted garments to my wardrobe in ‘09.

I don’t talk about this craft often but it’s the one that catapolted me into the world of blogging and opened the way to sewing and knitting. So without further ado here’s my Quilting ‘08 project I actually added every quilt I’ve done since starting this craft.

How could I list my projects without including my knitting. Here are my knitting projects for ‘08 there are more projects somewhere around my Flickr so take a cruise.

Now on to 2009

I’m looking forward to managing my time so that all my crafts get some attention and my completed project list is longer than in ‘08. In my knitting I would like to try lace knitting and actually have a few sweaters for myself when it’s all said and done. I would also like to work on having a better fit as the fit of my first sweater my Green Gable is not exactly what it should be.

In sewing I want to learn how to fit my shape better and improve my lining skills as it is my goal to make an outer garment. Sewing should bring about more confidence in projects I tackle and a fabulously flattering wardrobe.

In crochet I hope to create some garments. Honestly, my biggest desire is to write a pattern and actually have it work. I have always created for others and in 2009 I really want to increase my wardrobe with items I created.

I will be keeping a running count of how much yarn I bust through in 2009, I will do more to give to charity through my crafts. I would like to give locally as I feel the need to help my community as we are facing a devastating job loss market here in my region of Ohio.

There will be a monthly review of the podcasts I listen to as they too cover every craft I do. It will be the last Saturday of every month beginning Jan. 2009. I will also try to feature a new pattern from the many pattern books I have not so much that they will be new to you but we can take a look at how it comes together. I would also love to review different products and books that I have as a way of pushing myself to keep busy and productive.

Here’s hoping that you’ve had a wonderful year of creating and learning and growing as an artist and in 2009 I look forward to what the year will bring to all of us in our nature to share the warmth of creating something from a beautiful yarn, fabric, beads, embroidery as only you can.

Just stopping by to share a little bit of creativity with you. I realized that it’s been 3wks. since my last post and although I’ve been gone I have been knitting and planning some sewing projects. I started and finished a Stethoscope cozy only to discover it was too short and the wrong color for my SWAP partner. So, I made another one. I really like this project as it is a very quick knit and a very good way to use up the self-striping sock yarn that had just been sitting in the basket longing to be made into something. Here’s the completed cozy.

I’ve also started on a Cabled Cap from Tanis Gray in Vogue’s On The Go! Cables Mittens, Hats & Scarves. I love this pattern as I was one to always think cabels were just to complicated until I found Fall Cable KAL back in ‘06 and made my Karoake scarf. I’m using Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease in Chestnut. I don’t like that the cable definition is not as detailed as I would like but I will make this again a few times in a merino yarn. Here’s my progress so far……..tell me what you think.

Cabled Cap

Cabled Cap

Erin from Eat.Sleep.Knit had a Black Friday Sale and it was absolute madness. The demand to shop her site made the server crash talk about anticipation. I finally managed to get on and complete my shopping after about 6 hours of refreshing the site. I do have to say that it was really worth it. There was the option to save up to 100% off your order YES, I did say 100% off. I did get 15% off my order and if you spend over $75 USD you get FREE shipping. I also made it to the 5M mark in the Yarnathon. It’s a competition to make the run in yarn from 1M to 26.2M along the way you win prizes and exclusive discounts. If you haven’t joined you should and did I fail to mention her shop carries Malabrigo, Lorna’s Lace and many other lovely yarns.

Well this is all for now as I do want to spend the rest of my evening knitting and dreaming of creating more lovely knits. I’m even thinking of trying lace. Ok, just like cables Lace sends a bit of a tremor down my spine but I’ve always been a daredevil on my road to being creative so I just have to find the right beginning pattern. So if you know of one that jump started your love of lace please drop a comment.

Stay tuned for my Creative Year In Review. I will share a review of my crafts, lessons learned, and my creative prospects for 2009.

I have to admit I’ve been neglectful of my incoming links from my fellow bloggers. Case in point back in July I was so nicely awarded the Arte y Pico award from Aritified that named me as a creative lady she admires. Now let me tell you as I have over the past few years as I discover more talented ladies out in blogland that I totally look up to. This is a very humbling gesture becuase I feel there is still so much I have to learn and perfect in my crafts. To Artified, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the award and I look forward to reaching higher skills in the year 2009.

Now to follow in the spirit of this award I have 5 ladies who blog I would love to give this award to and hope they accept in the spirit in which it’s given. So with a creative drumroll here’s my inspiring picks:

  1. Wonderful Knitwear designer Robyn
  2. Quilt Artist and knitter Pat
  3. She inspired me to sew for myself Carolyn
  4. Shares her talent of knitting KnittyCent
  5. Crochets the most beautiful items Judy

Now I want to share a project that has brought back a love for DPN’s. If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog I was first introduced to knitting in the round with 2 cirs and then I moved on to the Magic Loop method and haven’t had DPN’s in my hands for a while now. Well, since I’m in the medical field and have my Stethescope on my neck most of the day I thought it would be good if I figured out to make a cozy for it. So here’s the pic of my progress so far

Stethescope cozy

Stethescope cozy

I look forward to having more to offer later this week. And before I end this post I have to give a Big Shout Out to all of you who knew America was in need of a change. CONGRATS to President Elect Barak Obama may God keep you and your family as you steer the US into a new direction that has the potential the change our world.

Installment 2 ~ older posts

This is the second installment of my blog transfer posts. I decided that I would take some of the highlights from my old blog and post them over here. These two are from March '09.

Just wanted to stop by as I take a break from life to share what I’ve been up to since my last post. First I would like to share my completed SWAP socks for my partner Cary.

I’ve discussed these socks on several previous posts and this was really good as a get your-feet-wet project

I still have a long way to go in my creativity but this is going pretty well for now. Still would like to know how do better layouts and putting my ideas together.

Well it’s the end of another week and there has been just a little bit of creating going on around here.

I’ve been wanting to give my girls a scrapbook highlighting their life from a Mothers point of view. So here’s The Princess’ first page this story began almost 20 years ago. Stay tuned as her story unfolds. I’m still reading and researching ways to be inspired through this process so hit me up with any tips.

Project Materials:

  • 12 x 12 Glitter Paper
  • Heart Breaker Glitter Embellishment
  • Cricut Cartridge in Doodlecharm for the mounting shapes and to journal
  • page projected by 12 x12 top load projector

Here’s my almost completed socks for my SWAP partner. They are your basic ribbed socks with short row heel made from STR medium wt. in Thistle. I’m really hoping my partner will like my effort. For me the hardest thing about SWAP’s is meeting someone’s standards but I try to give as I would like to receive. But choosing patterns is really hard for me as I’m still learning so many new things to try.

The rule was to create at least one pair of socks for your partner and this is my warm up pair. I have another pair that I will send in the last installment of our 3 SWAP installments. This SWAP has been even more fun because the partners here are sharing what they are using the yarn they recieved with the group.

Well this is all I have for now but there are a few projects in the works. I even have some sewing projects that I hope to have ready to share with you all soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My older projects installment 1

This is a post of some of my other projects from my old blog and I thought I'd share them with you if you're new to my blog or if you haven't stopped by in a while this is what I've been up to.

This is my Dad’s Father’s day card

Materials used:

  • Shabby Princess Paisley print on Transparent paper
  • Me & My Big Ideas Soft Spoken embellishments
  • Therm O Web Vellum adhesive
  • Best Occasions paper

From my Girls to my Dad

Materials Used:

  • Best Occasions Paper
  • Me & My Big Ideas Soft Spoken embellishments
  • Pop Up Glue Dots

Farewell Card to Dr. leaving the practice

Materials used:

  • Silver wave embossed card stock cut into 1 1/2 squares
  • DCWV Animal pack cardstock in white w/blue glitter dots
  • Powder blue cardstock
  • Frosted Vellum
  • Butterfly punch outs
  • Martha Stewart’s Opaque maker in white
  • Glitter dots accents

Here’s the card I made for my Mother’s 60th B-Day

Materials Used:

  • Shabby Princess’ Happy Go Lucky Digi Kit Paper
  • Pink Dream Rub On
  • DCWV Blossoms & Butterflies Rhinestone Stickers in Pink
  • Pink Card Stock
  • Paisley Covered button
  • Vellum w/Pink Ink
  • Cream blank card

I really love card making and feel that it’s helping figure out what type of scrapper I want to really be. I hope to include some pages soon as I have some ideas brewing in my head.

Well I have homework that really needs to be completed and a pizza that’s in my near future so until next time keep creating.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Loaded with Effort

This post is loaded with pics of my scrapping efforts let me know what you think. I had ordered some Chipboard albums in black. I love this Friends and Family album because I just went with doodling with a few embellishments. I will give a supplies list at the end of the pictures of my project.

Here's the Cover of the album....cute I think

This is the story of the sisters
There's 2 sets of sisters in this story me
and my sister and my 2 daughters and there have
even been some battles between the sisters.

The supplies used to create this album are:
Cosmo Cricket Chipboard albums
Martha Stewart's Opaque Marker Set
Chipboard words
Colorbok Bubble stickers
Colorbok Glitter Stickers
Stickles in Crystal (got to get more of this stuff)

I'm still working on my first crochet cardi and really I'm loving it but just wished that I had more time to dedicate to this project and feels this will go much faster when I get to the sleeves.

So I hope you'll stay tuned to see my others efforts and weigh in with encouraging and insightful tidbits.

Loaded with Effort

This post is loaded with pics of my scrapping efforts let me know what you think. I had ordered some Chipboard albums in black. I love this Friends and Family album because I just went with doodling with few embellishments.