Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finishing Touches and Other Stuff

Welp folks I've completely finished some UFO's (insert applause here)!!!!! Yes it is quite a feat with all that's been going on in my life lately. 
Let's see what all the applause is about shall we. I have grandson on the way any day now and I was finally able to complete his sweater by adding buttons.  My daughter wanted these buttons she says they add a bit of whimsy. Then I finished the Car Seat Cover with his Initials. What I forgot to photograph is the flipside of the cover.
And finally I was able to get all my parts together and fixed my Serger. I'm so happy because now I can start on some serious work.

I'm a Grandma who's been very busy

I just realized it's been over a month since my last post so this is going to be a pic & news heavy post so grab a cup of tea or coffee and get comfy cause here we go.

The well I signed up for a SWAP on Ravelry because I love knitting cowls and I've done SWAPs before but this one by far was the BEST one I've ever participated in.  It's like my giver was totally in tuned with me and really made my day and then to hear from the person I had that they totally liked their package too made this so so so very very AWESOME to me!!!!!

My partner was Erban on Ravelry and I so totally love her for getting ME.  I've always wanted some NORO yarn and for those that read my blog you know I love Malabrigo she is so awesome because this package contained BOTH yes Both yarns.   JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next item was a suit that a lady from my church asked if I could alter for her.  She needed the sleeves shorten and wanted the pants made into a skirt so here's the process

We had discussed doing a high/low hem but as I got to the end I realized that there wasn't enough material to pull that off and have it look tailored.  What I learned doing this alteration is how to shorten lined sleeves although I would love to be able to actually do a lined jacket from scratch.......stay tuned for that.  I also understand how to make a pair of pants into a well fitting skirt.  You know I've always wondered about the possibility of it all. What do you think?

In preperation of the birth of my grandson his mother wanted me to make a cover for his carseat so we picked this fabric and here it is.

So we got up on October 27, 2013 and made preperation for church and this is my baby and her baby
Carmen on her way to church 
and this is PaPa on 10-29-13 after 36 hours of labor 

                                                       and here's Big Mama and Kaiden
                                              Auntie Camille and Kaiden ready to come home
                                                Kaiden in his carseat ready for the ride home

So in love with this precious bundle of Joy as I think back two years ago 10/2/11 when his mother, my youngest daughter and 3 other relatives almost died in a horrific car accident on the highway I've got so much to thank God for.  He can take a near fatal incident and bring so much joy and life to let you know that Now Faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the Evidence of things NOT seen.  He makes no mistakes.  
On that note I'm greatful and will be back hopefully not in another month to let you know what I've been up to.  Next on the agenda is Holiday meals and gifts.  Be blessed and as always be Creative.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Truth Tuesday in the wee hours of Wednesday

Hello Everyone so here I am after another day of being super busy because for the first time in 3 weeks I'm feeling pretty good.  Here's my truths for this week............

  • I like to do things early because then I can sit back and think of the little things that will make it better
  • Losing weight has become one of the hardest things for me but I refuse to give up
  • Waiting for my daughter to have my grandson is getting the best of me I'm more excited than I could ever imagine
  • I love being able to be back at church
  • I wish I could go on a long vacation (2wks long would suffice)
  • I'm falling back in love with Ravelry 
  • Ministry classes are not easy there's so much to learn when it comes to delivering the Word of God
  • Looking for that LBD
Well, this is all that I have for this week stay tuned for more and as always stay Creative and God Bless!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's that time again........TRUTH TUESDAY

Here we go

  • I love crime & medical dramas and it's even better that they have The First 48 and such
  • I love Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty it would be awesome to hang out with him so he could say that's the fact Jack......Lol
  • I have picked up using a Project Planners to help me keep my Life together
  • My quest to grow Spiritually is really opening my eyes to how much you must sacrifice yourself to be obedient to God
  • The Baby Shower is over and Baby Kaiden Big Momma is ready to meet you.......well I still have a few more things I want to knit you first. 
  • I'm not as Techie as I thought since my laptop almost died
  • There are some things that I need to move my crafting to the next level...........stay tuned for that??????????
  • I miss hearing back from other bloggers like it used to be back in '06
Well this is all for now gotta finish getting ready for Bible Study.  Be Blessed and Be Creative!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I haven't done Truth Tuesday in a while so here we go

  • I have totally been overeating 
  • This being in constant pain everyday is getting the best of me 
  • I hate to have people over and I don't feed them
  • The road I'm on in my Ministry has me beside myself
  • I love God with all of my heart, mind and soul
  • Can't wait to see what my grandson looks like and acts like
  • Right now I wish I could be really productive in my crafting but I shake so much things just don't turn out right.
  • I miss spending time learning from all of you wonderful crafters 
  • I love music Gospel and Jazz(I love the musicianship of Jazz)
  • Being a Leader is not all it's cracked up to be
  • I'm pessimistic I really believe things will and can get better if it's the Will of God
  • The best job I ever had was being a housewife and stay-at-home Mom (I truly loved it)
  • I don't own LBD (little black dress)
  • I have a top that was suppose to make BUT I cut wrong and now it will be a dress when I find the right material to make the bottom
  • This is all for me for now see ya next week.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Wow it's been a Long Time

Well it's been since July since I posted anything and I'm just going to put the last few months in a list.

August 2013

  • This is the Health Fair and Back to School Jam at my Ministry 

 This is me praying as one of the Ministers and below I'm also working double duty but I loved it.

then I did the BJKids 91 Event which was awesome and getting to meet him and speak with him was indeed a treat.  Positive young man giving back to his community.  Loved It!!!!!

below is me and Brandin the visionary and Philanthropist of this event. 

Next I had the pleasure of Interviewing the artist at this event for my Radio Show

In between all of that I've been feeling worse but trying not to show it.  

I think I annouced that my oldest daughter is having a baby so I've been busy helping her make different decorations and other items for the baby shower next week. 

nothing is done yet but there are just a few more details.......You'll see the finished projects after the shower.

I was so blessed that two of close childhood friends traveled to spend a few hours with me. 

And this is my very expecting daughter in the stripes next to her Mommy.

September 2013 has involved more knitting and I'm happy about that and frustrated at the same time.  Why? Well, I believed that I shared with you all that I have Cervical Radiculopathy and Degenerative Disc Disease that is effecting my arms and hands.  So doing the smallest things are starting to become impossible, but I'm keeping my Faith in God that he's faithful to complete whatever he begins.  With all of that out of the way here are a few items I managed to complete

Raglan Sweater and Hat, I winged it and did the same for the hat now I just need to find the right buttons that my daughter will like for it.  So pray for me because she's so very picky.  LOL

then I went for another hat as she asked for varied hats for my lil grandson, Kaiden.  

I'm also thinking of doing this just because it's different.  What do you think???????

Me and the girls also went out to celebrate my oldest nieces 13th and my youngest daughter's 22nd birthday and yes they were born on the same day 9-10 

Stay tuned for my next post.  I hope to have some sewing pics of some completed items I'm working on.  Be Blessed and as always stay creative.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Influenster, CurlKit, Coffee & Chocolate Swap Picture Overload and other Ramblings

Since I haven't posted in a few months I wanted to caught you up on a few things.  

First I tried the Hypnotic Roll I saw on YouTube and I love it .  Thanks StepNRepeat for sharing this tutorial She was right I got so many compliments.  

Next here's my dress that I made just by draping the material on my dressform.  I love the material as I feel the material makes the dress. What do you think?

As I have shared before I participate in Influenster a program that allows you to get products test and review them free of charge.  I was chosen to recieve the SunVoxBox and I wasn't disappointed.  My box included Dr. Scholl's For Her gel insoles 
SinfulShine with Gel Tech Nail Polish 
Olay Fresh Effects (BB Cream) Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15
Goody Outless Ribbon Elastics 

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

I loved the 4th one on the Right so much I went to Walgreens and bought 4 more.  

Look here for a full review of my Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox 

Next I saw this YouTube Video  along with this Video and decided I'm going to try styling my fro with this method 1 yes 1 more time.  


 I don't know which of my followers and regular readers are still involved with Ravelry but I love Swaps and I signed up for the Coffee and Chocolate Swap.  I had a wonderful Swapper and this is what I got all the way from South Dakota.  There was plenty of goodies in my box.  Don't you think?

 If you don't know I love to get the Natural Hair products that are all over the forums and get togethers for Natrual Girls.  Well I subscribe to CurlKit Heather and the CurlKit team are awesome with great customer service.  I'm so happy with the products that I have gotten in my CurlKits........what doesn't work for me works for my daughters or my little cousin.  It's like a pamper me gift every month.  If you're looking to try out products that combined would set you back $50 to $70 just for $20.00 Sign up and if you do please tell them that I sent you.  Much Love

My daughters came together and got me some nice items for Mother's day and my Birthday.  I talked about Kelly and Natrual Girls Rock Needless to say I loved everything that was inside this box.  FOR REAL I REALLY DID!!!!!LOL

                                                               Beautiful Packaging              

Big Bangles and Earrings

                                                            Every girl needs some pearls

                                                     Infinity Scarves in Coral and Mint

Yes, some groovy Shades

 Well that's it for now lovelies please keep me in your prayers. Stay cool, stay grounded and Stay Creative