Monday, September 16, 2013

Wow it's been a Long Time

Well it's been since July since I posted anything and I'm just going to put the last few months in a list.

August 2013

  • This is the Health Fair and Back to School Jam at my Ministry 

 This is me praying as one of the Ministers and below I'm also working double duty but I loved it.

then I did the BJKids 91 Event which was awesome and getting to meet him and speak with him was indeed a treat.  Positive young man giving back to his community.  Loved It!!!!!

below is me and Brandin the visionary and Philanthropist of this event. 

Next I had the pleasure of Interviewing the artist at this event for my Radio Show

In between all of that I've been feeling worse but trying not to show it.  

I think I annouced that my oldest daughter is having a baby so I've been busy helping her make different decorations and other items for the baby shower next week. 

nothing is done yet but there are just a few more details.......You'll see the finished projects after the shower.

I was so blessed that two of close childhood friends traveled to spend a few hours with me. 

And this is my very expecting daughter in the stripes next to her Mommy.

September 2013 has involved more knitting and I'm happy about that and frustrated at the same time.  Why? Well, I believed that I shared with you all that I have Cervical Radiculopathy and Degenerative Disc Disease that is effecting my arms and hands.  So doing the smallest things are starting to become impossible, but I'm keeping my Faith in God that he's faithful to complete whatever he begins.  With all of that out of the way here are a few items I managed to complete

Raglan Sweater and Hat, I winged it and did the same for the hat now I just need to find the right buttons that my daughter will like for it.  So pray for me because she's so very picky.  LOL

then I went for another hat as she asked for varied hats for my lil grandson, Kaiden.  

I'm also thinking of doing this just because it's different.  What do you think???????

Me and the girls also went out to celebrate my oldest nieces 13th and my youngest daughter's 22nd birthday and yes they were born on the same day 9-10 

Stay tuned for my next post.  I hope to have some sewing pics of some completed items I'm working on.  Be Blessed and as always stay creative.  

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