Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Challenge Continues along with other Projects

I'm back yet another week with more progress. First, I have to say that it has been a very stressful week with updates with programs at work and all the stress of working in a Doctor's office but as always I'm doing it with a smile and a feeling of being blessed.

I have been lurking in the scrapbooking world for nearly a year now and want so much to really get the groove of being a good scrapper. So I heard and read about the Soulology Project. It is a scrapbook about you that makes you reflect on yourself and I decided that this is where I would start. Here's the first few pages of my book. This is my graduation from high school back in '85 yes my 25 year reunion is in July that's so hard to believe that all those many years have passed by.

This is me and my BFF my lovely Grandmother who passed away in 2000.

Next is the cover of my Scrapbook that tells it all. I'm a happy sing song type of person who loves to be happy even when life throws me lemons and curves. Look forward to having more pages done in the next week but with the work schedule changes and other things in my life I hope to have some new pages to share with you in the next week.

Here's the next Beret that I'm doing it's knit up from Naturally Country yarn in Black. Now I have to say that this skein of yarn is very thready and has been knotted back together so the integrity of the yarn is not the best but it looks so good knitted up. This pattern is inspired by ColorShift from Scarves a Knitters Dozen. My oldest Daughter wanted this so bad so in using up the yarn in Challenge drawer to grant her wish.

The next project from the Challenge Drawer is ZigZag Cowl found on Ravelry and is being knitted up from KnitPicks Andean Silk in colorway Cinnamon. This pattern is a nice one and for the first time I did a Picot edging as the pattern calls for. I was intimidated at first because I have never tried it before. It turned out just fine until..............

This is when the ability to laugh at yourself comes into play and I realized that I was knitting the pattern the wrong way. This came from thinking I had it in the bag and now I'm jumping into the Frog Pond yet again. Will frog down to the first knit row after the Picot edging and start the pattern again.

So stay tuned for the next chapter in the Stash busting Challenge.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Challenge Continues

To continue the progress of my Challenge to use all the yarn in my drawer I completed the Color Shift Scarf and added a Beret using the same lace pattern from the scarf and here it is. I'm not really sure who will be the reciepent of this project as several people commented on it during it's completion. I really love this pattern for the both projects as they were completed in less than 2 weeks and for me with the schedule I have that's really great. The model is my lovely oldest DD.

Here's the second view what else can I say but there will be some more sets like this one as the pattern is just so much fun and an excellent to bust up the stash.

The Mojo is still working and there are a few patterns on Ravlery that I have my eye on one being Swirl Neckwarmer

For these lovely cakes I'm thinking another Hat and Scarf set but haven't yet come up with a pattern so still searching Ravelry for something I really want or maybe I'll look through on my cable stitches book and choose something from there......stay tuned on this one.

Lastly this is the drawer that will tell the story there should be some addition to make sure the drawer is as full of completed items as it was yarn before November first 2010 in order to be able to give all of my loved ones something especially made just for them. As you can see there are a few completed items there and by next week I hope to have a few more well in reality at least one more. Hope your creative juices will continue to flow as mine are in full gear.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Challenges and Progress

It's been a while since I blogged but the Challenge I gave myself is very alive and well. See I have yarn all over my house in boxes, totes, baskets and drawers. So I decided to think about my gift knitting/crocheting for this coming Christmas and thought if I could just get rid of what is in my drawer that would be a very good start to decluttering and to having some other options for gift giving. This is what my drawer looks like today and I will report the changes on a bi-weekly basis Yes holding myself accountable is important to me and this time my Mojo is working so we'll see the progress......just hope my Mojo holds out.


Here are a few of the projects that have come out of that drawer over the past month. First there is the Shipwrecked Scarf that will have a matching hat I have to add that the pattern for the scarf comes from Scaves a Knitters Dozen and is called Colorshift. For those of you that sew this pattern has become my TNT (tried and true) pattern that is quick efficent and easy to work up the yarn does all the work. I would really like to sell the hat pattern and I'm about halfway through it so if you are interested in test knitting please leave a comment as I am working it into a PDF file and should be good to go in the next 2 weeks. This is made from Yarn Love's Anne Shirley in colorway Shipwrecked hence the name of the hat and scarf set.

Then we have the Golden Sun Scarf also made from the Colorshift pattern using Malabrigo's Silkey Merino in colorway Sand after blocking this yarn has a beautiful drape and I will definitely be ordering more from Eat.Sleep.Knit if you haven't checked out this online store you are missing something special. Please visit from the link on my sidebar and enjoy. Her prices are very reasonable.

The next project to come out of the drawer is the Abstract Leaves Cowl knit from KnitPicks Essential Wine kettle hand-dyed yarn and I have to say I really love the subtle variations in colors as this was worked up. The one thing I have to learn is that with lace you don't need to knit tight as lace comes out in the blocking know while your knitting it.

I also have some sewing projects that I will be sharing in the upcoming posts so stay tuned and stay Creative!!!