Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Challenge Continues

To continue the progress of my Challenge to use all the yarn in my drawer I completed the Color Shift Scarf and added a Beret using the same lace pattern from the scarf and here it is. I'm not really sure who will be the reciepent of this project as several people commented on it during it's completion. I really love this pattern for the both projects as they were completed in less than 2 weeks and for me with the schedule I have that's really great. The model is my lovely oldest DD.

Here's the second view what else can I say but there will be some more sets like this one as the pattern is just so much fun and an excellent to bust up the stash.

The Mojo is still working and there are a few patterns on Ravlery that I have my eye on one being Swirl Neckwarmer

For these lovely cakes I'm thinking another Hat and Scarf set but haven't yet come up with a pattern so still searching Ravelry for something I really want or maybe I'll look through on my cable stitches book and choose something from there......stay tuned on this one.

Lastly this is the drawer that will tell the story there should be some addition to make sure the drawer is as full of completed items as it was yarn before November first 2010 in order to be able to give all of my loved ones something especially made just for them. As you can see there are a few completed items there and by next week I hope to have a few more well in reality at least one more. Hope your creative juices will continue to flow as mine are in full gear.

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