Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crocheting to nowhere....or so it seems

Okay so I've been working on my Lacey Lady Cardi for over a month now and it's going fine. What I want to talk about is my latest travel project. One Row Lace Cowl ok so I looked in my stash for something that would be soft and I wanted to do this in a DK wt. yarn so I picked Optimum in Red because it's so nice and soft and I like a pop of color with my winter wear.
Needless to say, I cast on and completed the starter row and then realized this just isn't showing the stitch definition the way I want it. I think that getting your project to come out near or close to the original pattern is important but also feel that you should feel free to express your creativity in everything you do.
Ok so what do you think?

My plan for this project is to frog this and try it with some KnitPicks Adean Silk in Cinnamon.

I'll give you an update later this week I hope.

There may be a bit of a break as I will be moving at the beginning of October so hopefully I'll be able to post my completed Cardi and the lace Cowl. In the mean time tell me what you think.

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