Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Thoughts and project updates

Just sitting here taking a break from packing and right now feeling very overwhelmed by the whole process. You know you just don't realize how much you accumulate until it's time to move. I've been packing for the past 2 weeks and still have only managed to complete half of the kitchen and dining room. OMG will the endless knick-knacks ever stop!!!!!??????

So, I'll just take a moment to work on my Lacey Lady Cardi which is almost complete after I finish the sleeves and block. Still thinking on the blocking technique as I haven't block crochet before. Hopefully when I come back from a seminar (OH JOY) that I have to attend this evening I'll post some pics and some new scrapbook layouts I've been working on. Speaking of which I could really use some Stickles glitter but no more shopping until after I move.

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