Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lacey Lady Crochet and The Manic Purl

Finally got my iPod loving this device. I now understand how you can want to get an iPhone and I'm trying to decide how soon to make the jump(somebody stop me). While using the browser I found a new Podcast that really makes me laugh and is easy listening at least for me it is. It's The Manic Purl with Chrissy. What I like about her podcast is she keeps her shows centered around fiber with a good pace and a knack for smooth transition on her subject matter. I started at the beginning and have made my way to about the 10th episode and I love her even more with every new podcast. You should give her a listen.

Next I would like to share my progress on the Lacey Lady Cardi I've been working on since the beginning of Aug. '09 This poor project has been frogged at least 4 times and resized twice. I finally found my groove and got to the right length and am currently on my first sleeve. Here's the front view, mind you this isn't blocked yet but I wanted you to see the progress as I keep reading on Ravelry that this took most of the people just a few days and since I'm not a swatcher that's why this took me so long. There is something to be said for swatching which I think I've only managed to do maybe twice in the 6 yrs. now that I've been knitting or crocheting. Could that be a part of the self-taught syndrome or I want what I want when I want it or I just love the creative process and it doesn't have to be perfect because that's another aspect of creating?

Here's the view from the back. I'm waiting to see how this is after blocking but I love the yarn I used for this and surprising to me my oldest DD wants one of these herself. Oh my this is a first. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog and I hope you'll continue to stop by from time-to-time.

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