Thursday, May 12, 2016

49 and Thankful

Hello Everyone, 
I've been blessed to see another birthday and I'm so thankful to be doing as well as I am.  I wish I was able to take my traditional birthday trip and share that with you all.  But as the title says I'm 49 and Thankful!!!!!
I will be sharing some of my gifts and a few other items that are my REAL life. 
Yes, this is me on my way to church on my birthday to give thanks unto to God for my life, health and strength.  I have to say that for 49 I'm looking pretty well for my age.
Here's my Birthday gift from my daughters some Planner goodies from Planner Chick Designs and as you can see they include a birthday goodie for you.  I love Wendy and her team they create the cutest most daintiest products I've found so far. 
This necklace came from my Aunt and I was surprised that she remembered that it was even my birthday.  She even asked me to make sure which made me chuckle a bit.  She's my Planner Buddy for real as she is the one back in 1983 that started me on my very first Franklin Covey Planner.
Now I make and share Planner Stickers with her all the time. 
I tried my hand at creating some feathers to use in my Bible Journaling and my journal.  I think they came out pretty well since I wasn't using any visual reference.  There are a few more things I need to critique about them but I like them and that's all that really matters when you create something as art is truly up to the interpretation of the artist. 
Then I come home and these 2 packages came.  A card with some goodies from my IG friend Bonita and this package of goodies from my Planner Buddy/friend Shirlene.  They took the time to send me something to make my day a little more special and they definitely succeeded in that!!! 
This is so beautiful and everything is wrapped so pretty; so I'm definitely going to be keeping the tags and the card and envelope that she created.  What could possibly be in these envelopes?
Are you looking at all of this????   The Bird Stamp set has been on my wishlist for quite some time. She (Shirlene would probably say this is just a little something) but No this was just I can't even say. I can't wait to use all of these wonderful gifts that my friend gifted me.  Exactly what did I get,  I list is here.   The Bird Stamp,  Page flags from Target, JoAnns and the Mini page flags. Paperclips, Gold Foil stamped cards and  that wonderful cupcake picture and Sticker Books from The Happy Planner Create 365 line from MAMBI.  Please know that I truly love EVERYTHING about my BD package.
Here's my Happy Planner for the first week of May and I think it's okay.  There's stickers from Planner Chick Designs, The Happy Planner,  and stickers from Victoria Thatcher
If you're going to have a birthday weekend with some of my family members and friends,  I will continue to work on this body so that I will be able to welcome in 50 if God says so.  Well, you all have a great day and I see you next week with some lovely items I made.  As always Be Blessed Be Encouraged and always Be Creative.   

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