Thursday, August 4, 2016

My New Venture.......Pocket Letter

As I've shared many times before I'm always so inspired by what I see on Instagram and Pinterest and back in June I decided to join the Pocket Letter Pals visit us at 
For me this is having a childhood Pen pal but on steroids. Why because you're meeting new people while sharing your love of DIY clips, cards, ribbons, button, tea, coffee, Artist Trading Cards and whatever else you agree on. 

So this is one of my first PL created for my Planner Buddy Shirlene 

This is the start of a PL that I sent to one of my new PL Pals who loves Victorian themed pockets and I found this Free printable on Pinterest 

The next 2 pics are of my 2nd PL sent out to a new Pal and I now realize after you create one and receive one; You become hooked do you hear me?? LOL So proceed with caution!!!

This is the front and back of the very first PL I received and needless to say again I was excited and hooked

This is my 2nd PL from my fellow Ohioan and I loved the theme created for the 4th of July!!! 

Now that I've shared my new Hobby with you I hope to hear that you too find this a fun way to interact with others as a new way to use up scrap stash and other creative items.  

Until next time be blessed and be Creative!!!

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