Thursday, June 16, 2016

Random Thoughts of Appreciation

So I have had the pleasure of having these beautifully made Fawndori Notebooks and unfortunately due to illness they've been around the house, to numerous Dr., & therapy appointments and out in the sun on the front porch!!!

Why would I want to share this? Well, as I was sitting here adding my thoughts and revelations of my current situation in life I thought of how I have gone to Florida and been on the beach or climbing the trails at The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs or walking the Las Vegas strip!!!!! Our memories are life;  they are new horizons, you know factually, there really is more to life than what you may currently be in.
For me my life now is a place of cultivation for the future!!!  Yes cultivating, I may appear stagnant but in fact it's just like a seed in the process of germination. There's something going on but it can't be seen with the naked eye.  It would be awful to be trapped for the rest of your life just because your body may not allow you to walk a great distance, run, jump and play with your children/ grandchildren.  I am discovering that in fact I truly do have a lot to offer myself and all of  those that I come in contact with and likewise I can gleen so much from those that I'm in contact with. 
I pray that as you read this you find that God has a purpose for everyone and I was just sitting down writing in my journal and was struck to share my thoughts with you. 

Be Blessed and as always Be Creative!!!!

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