Monday, March 12, 2012

New Direction and Picture Heavy Post

Hello all there has been so much going on in my life since my family's accident back in October. My 14yo cousin had to have surgery on her left leg again and it was discovered her left leg had not even begun to heal but thank God the Ortho doctor was able to make some changes and now she is doing well and has finally been able to return to school. My cousin is doing well although she has lost complete use of her wrist but still praying that her fingers will get to the point where she can bend them. My daughters are doing fairly well considering. My youngest Camille is still having problems with her left eye and her right leg so she starts back to physical therapy on tomorrow. My oldest Carmen is still having issues from the head injury so she has finally been seen by a neurologist and she will be able to go the therapy for her injury to her abdomen. My aunt is making progress and getting around well enough to do one of her favorite I'm just thanking God that everyone is doing as well as they are and remaining in good spirits. Next I wanted to share with you all that I have started public speaking as a Motivational Speaker dealing with ladies and young girls who have experienced sexual, mental and physical abuse. As well as working on another dream of mine which I hope to be able to share in the next few months. Now to share with you everything I've made and the last few months. Knitting
Made this sweater and hat set for a baby at my church CARDS
yes, I've been a little obsessed with cardmaking for the last few weeks but I love the feedback from the recipients so that makes it worth the time and effort. Quilts
These were created for two new additions the quilts were personalized one embroidered with the baby's name and the girl quilt was personalized with her picture, name and date of birth on the printable fabric sheet. Well this is a lot for now and I two more baby sweaters on the needles for my new nephew isn't he handsome
Had to leave you with that lil cutie pie. Hope you're being creative, productive and above sharing what God gave you to brighten someone elses day. Love you and be blessed.

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