Sunday, January 17, 2010

No news is Good News or Is it?????

Okay I'm trying to get my creativity back in motion. I started the Newsboy Cap from Debbie Strollers Stitch N Bitch Nation book. The pattern was created by Shanita Williams-Alleyne for this book. I've had this on my Ravelry queue for at least a year and really wanted to have another go at cable knitting. I started this hat and was done in a few days and then went on to the brim and here's were the problems started. Here's the pics so far.

Half way through the process of this hat and loving how quickly it worked up.

Feeling good about this so far.

You can see a hole at the brim from the join not liking this at all but it can be hidden. Also doubting the outcome alot but with each pattern you learn to accept or jump into the frog pond. I accepted this for what it is and my oldest DD likes it so there you go.

My issue with this pattern although it's easy and works up quick is that the brim made the hat smaller As I look at the hat on my daughter I see that maybe I brought my brim over too far but I was following the pattern so that the insert for the brim fits. I have another on the needles made from a bulkier yarn. Will post those pics later to see how that works out.

Stay creative.

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