Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Overdue~~Content Heavy

It has been a long time since I've graced my blog. There's been a lot of working, some knitting, beginning a new relationship, finally doing something I've always longed to do and discovering a childhood craft item used today as a styling tool.

This is my very first tattoo and I always wanted to have them and after doing much research. Yes research, I have keloid skin (prone to over growth of scar tissue after a wound)and needed to make sure I wouldn't end up with scars so the Star was my test tatt and other than the point I didn't even realize she was done with my tatt.

I always wanted these words: Strength, Faith and Serenity and my tattoo artist took my concept of having a floral concept placed with in the look and viola' Now I do have to say that this tatt was so painful but the outcome was so good. I do plan to get a few more and one of them is going to be fiber related just trying to work out the best tattoo details for this one.

The next thing I discovered on YouTube was using Pipe Cleaners to curl my Locs, yeah I know are you really serious Pipe Cleaners. Well I did this method and was really hoping that they would turn out good because all the other methods I tried my curls would fall immediately by the end of the day. The first look is after they were done and my family wanted to get out and do some running so I curved the pipe cleaners added the earrings and bounced and got many compliments on this style.

Then the next day I released the pipe cleaners and here you have it curls for days and as I write this post it is now 2 weeks later and I still have curls and will definitely continue using this method to curl my locs as it is my new TNT method of styling.

Here's my latest project in my quest for becoming comfortable with lace knitting I searched Ravelry and found the Abstract Leaves Cowl by Deb Mulder. This has been a very easy pattern and I feel like I'm afraid of lace knitting for no reason other than it's just something I haven't tried. So this is the first of many projects I plan to do before the year is over.

Until the next post stay Creative!!!!!!!!

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