Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sickness....loss of time and The Drawer Challenge

I have been ill for the past month it started with my sinuses and not the average irritation but misery to the point of my ears running and clogging up, no voice and vision impairment. So after working on it with OTC drugs and home remedies that normally offer relief I went to my Doctor P and she gave me some scripts and this lovely script in particular was just waiting to reek havoc in my world. I was given Augmentin 875mg and not ever having any problems with reactions to meds before took with food as directed and drank plenty of water but they failed to mention that I needed to add a daily dose of yogurt to the mix. Needless to say my stomach stayed upset for the the whole 10 days and I OTC remedied the symptoms but to no avail. Finished the meds and then it happened overnight my abdomen swelled to 3 times it's normal size and I couldn't move, hard to breath, and there was no sleep in sight as laying down was not an option at all.

Needless to say I have improved some but still having severe pain in my back. Lesson learned and won't be taking that anymore. Now on to some fiber-related production.

I am currently working on another cowl the Ashford Cowl from the Challenge Drawer in Malabrigo's Silky Merino in Nocturnal I've only made it to the first pattern row so I'm on row 3 but will make strides today and have pics to show in the next post. I am thinking that something from my Challenge drawer needs to come out for my Mom's BD gift unless I decide to do something else it will likely be the ColorShift Lace scarf from the post a few weeks ago. I'm finding that the urge to complete my journey to having projects done before Christmas this year has me leaning to Cowls, Scaves and Hats but I do have a few Sweaters in my Raverly Queue that will get made this year most definitely one will be the Lace Cardi that I made for myself as my Mom really wants one and also a new pattern found on Ravelry yesterday here I have to put them out here to you the public as a way of holding myself accountable to complete projects and reinforce my resolve to stay on top of things.

Update on the Soul-ology Project I wrote the definition for myself of what this means to me and I may have to move or delete some pages as they may not help me to really dig into who I am as a person although I may hold my memories fondly. Will get back with you on the progress during my next post. Until stay Creative.

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