Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weight Loss Journey

Ok, so I've been on one diet after another for over 8 years and this time I'm determined to make some changes for myself!!!!  As I continue to grow in maturity and spirit of God I realize that my whole being was in need of a renewing.  So about a month ago I started doing research on what method and I hoovered in the MyFitnessPal group that I was hearing about and knew of a few people that were using them to stay accountable to a better way of nutrition.  So on Feb. 21, 2013 I joined and today I'm happy to say I'm down 5lbs already.

What I've learned in the process so far:

  1. You can eat alot if you're willing to move alot.  My caloric intake for a day is 1200 calories. 
  2. Your exercise adds more calories to your allotment for the day. ie. walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator or walking upstairs doing chores for me it's laundry I burn 248 which added with my 1200 + 248= 1448 for the day if that's all that I do.  What I'm saying is moving has it's benefits!!!!
  3. I'm juicing and doing smoothies which boost my energy in the AM and have me reved and ready to go
  4. I've increased my water intake and try to make sure I don't go below 8 glasses daily.  The benefits have been BM's with no problems I don't feel so sluggish and if I miss a day of eating right I can feel it immediately.  
  5. All of this has motivated me to join GirlTrek thanks to SewSassy1 for the invite.  I was able to sign up start a team and be ready for the yearly walk which starts tomorrow at 4:30pm.  This is a great way to get motivated by motivating others to join you a great activity to promote women's heart health.  

Well I have a lot more to share but I'll do that later this week.  Be Blessed and be Creative!!!!!

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