Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She Reads Truth........The Beatitudes Blessed are the Spiritual ZEROES when the Kingdom of the heavens come upon Them

Today's She Reads Truth Bible Study 

This study is on the Sermon at the Mount and Jesus is teaching the mulititudes the Beatitudes.  I see them as God's promises.  How do you view them and how are they applicable to you today?  Jesus was speaking of God's promises to His believers BUT at vs. 12 it let us know that we would go through rough times. This passage to me is like as a child and your parents tell you it's going to be ok because you're special and well loved. God loved us so that He was willing to make us (who are we that God would even consider this) some promises when our walk becomes challenging. 

I walk away today feeling grateful in the knowledge of God's promises to me as a Believer

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