Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's Talk Hair

I decided that my blog this year will emcompass all and every aspect of my life. I began with locs 6 years ago and ended up with them halfway down my back when I started experiencing traction breakage from the weight of them.

This was my beautiful locs

I do have to say that I really loved them but was getting to the place where it was getting more and more time consuming to maintain them. Contrary to many peoples belief locs take as much if not more time to manage and style than permed hair. So after 6 months of thinking and talking about to my girls and Michael I finally did it and this is the result

It was longer than this by about 3 inches but I wanted to have the experience of having my hair grow evenly and it's also a process getting to know my real hair texture and boy what an experience. it's soft on top and in the back at my hairline and the rest is everything else.....hahahhaaaaaa

I will share my journey as I discover styling and the like with the new Do. It has been very liberating and at the same time I heard the same thing as I did when I stopped getting perms. So I wait for beauty of this journey as I did with my locs.

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