Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Have been Up to Something........but still have UFO's

I just wanted to share what Ive been up to in the last week. I'm still working on the hat 3 of the 4 that were planned to complete. This is a pattern I adapted from a scarf that I made a few years back that my oldest daughter Carmen really liked. Since she has been wearing her tam I have gotten request for others.

For me I miss the time at the hospital sitting with my daughter with unlimited time to knit. She has been doing okay still not with a great appetite and we thought she may have to go in and see the doctor before her follow up.

I don't really talk about this much but I like cardmaking and scrapbooking and a year or two ago I got the Cricut Expression. Well a month ago Hobby Lobby was having a sell on the Cricut cartridges and I got these from my Wishlist

I spent time with the Paper Lace cartridge and experimented with some of the designs as you see above. I was at church for the majority of this weekend so I really didn't have time to devote to this like I wanted but this weekend will afford me some more time to explore these goodies. I also learned that with each Cricut Cartridge they are giving out Reward Certificates that can be redeemed for products from Provo Craft. So this is a major incentive to increase my stash well that's not what I should call these but hey it's what everything else is in my crafting world is called. In my next post I will share a few of the pages I started from the leftover paper that was left when it was done cutting.

Well I'm going to get off here for now and try to get in at least an hour of knitting in on this hat so I can ge ready for work in the morning. Hope you have a great week know that you are wonderful and beautifully made.

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