Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little bit of Everything

Back to share a little bit of everything that has been going in with me since my last post. Personally I want to share that my oldest daughter Carmen is doing better but still with the stomach pain. The GI doctor thinks that at some point she may still have to her gallbladder removed but they are doing everything they can to hold that at bay. My youngest is fighting off an infection that has her lymph nodes swollen but they added another antibiotic to the mix and in the past 48 hours she is doing better. So I thank God for that.

When I first started blogging I never included a lot of personal information other that what I was making or had just acquired but as you grow and evolve I see that all of what I am I want to share with you. So you will hear me talk about my religious or lets just say I will share my faith with you. No sermons just my thankfulness for all that my Savior is doing in my life.

My pastor and his wife celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and I made this card for them.

Supplies Used
Card stock cut to 6in x 8 1/2in
Versa Mark Ink Pad
Ribbon approximately 14in long for strip and bow
ATG adhesive
Martha Stewarts Glitter Dust
Vellum for inside of card

I finally completed the tam I was working on for a lady at my church. I do have to say that it is larger than what I normally make but the person is growing locs and wanted it to be big so they definitely have it. Hope they like it.

Lastly today I want to share the basket I put together for our office for our Health Fair next Saturday. It is a Family 4 Movie Pass with goodies hope the family really loves this.

On the hair front I took my Kinky twist out and after browsing Youtube and reading up on protective sytles I decided to put in a weave so this is what I had been rocking for the past 3 weeks.

Well on Thursday night I took the weave out and put in a cherry rinse as my permanent color was looking really bad. Before I posted this entry I did two strand twist and will do a twist out for church tomorrow. I will take pictures and post to my blog later next week.

There are always ideas in the works and I have a few just want to get the sewing part of my craft room together and get my sewing on. I hope that you will have a great weekend and a wonderful week. Just know that no matter what you're going through you have a refuge in prayer and meditation. If you live positive and speak positive it will come back to you.

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