Monday, November 12, 2012

True Tuesday

So sorry I missed last week's posting of TT but I had some things called life that needed my attention.

1. Change is not always easy but it's necessary if you intend on reaching your destiny.
2. Being true to yourself is more important than making others happy just to satisfy their expectations for your life. As the famous quote states " To Thine Own Self Be True".
3. Cultivate, nurture, and protect your relationships by being honest and genuine with those that mean the most to you.
4. Realize that above all things you are human and fallible which means you are capable of making mistakes. The character builder is all in how you handle them.
5. If you have a spiritual connection it deserves your commitment as you will find peace as your attention to it grows.

Now that that has been shared I want to say that I made some defining decisions that will greatly impact my future. I'm 45 yrs old and when you're use to making everyone around you happy at the expense of yourself that's not really living a fulfilling life. So as I move into this new way of living my life I know that I'm a person that loves to give, I want the best for those around me, but I will have to find other ways to push those I love!!!

I'm a God fearing woman that wants my life to be pleasing in his sight. I pray that you find strength to find your truths and walk therein. Be Blessed

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