Tuesday, October 30, 2012

True Tuesdays

This is my 3rd installment of True Tuesdays I thought I would share my truths with you.

My Truths
1. I'm in a great relationship with God and although the walk has not always been easy it is a wonderful journey.
2. There are days that I wish I had the means to wake up and fly to New York for a day of shopping mainly to spend some time at Mood!!!!
3. When I look back over my life it wasn't the same through my adult eyes as it seemed during my childhood.
4. Love is never predictable but it is always a learning and growth process......if you're paying attention.
5. Finally, I want to continue living my life not asking what if but taking chances to continue following my dreams.

I hope me sharing my truths will prompt you to look at yourself and ask yourself what truths guide your journey through life. Until next week be blessed and reach for the stars!!!!!

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