Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 2012 CurlKit Reveal

Here's my Reveal for Curlkit December 2012. I love that you can spend $20 and get all of these wonderful goodies.  If you're not already signed up I advise you to give them a try and their Customer Service Reps are awesome.  Thanks again CurlKit.com for providing me with a wonderful treat every month.  


  1. Thanks, for posting!I briefly heard a little bit about them,but I'll go look at their site. As of now,I been using Hawaiian Silk on my hair,and it's been keeping it curly ..well not curly ,but you definitely can see the coils in my hair.I really don't have any big curls.But,I have a few through out my hair.Also,I like how it keeps my hair moisturized. As I Am products they also help with curls.I know #TMI....But I will look at the site you have mentioned.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing and there's no TMI here. I tried As I Am products and they are still drying to my hair type. I really like Jane Carter's Shampoo and Leave-In conditioner that were in the Curlkit from November I think. I've never tried Hawaiian Silk products but I am a product junkie so we'll see.