Friday, January 25, 2013

Plans and Progress

Ok so I've been working on and finally completed the Azzu's Lace Shawl found on but since this was my first lace shawl and I'm questioning the blocking and think that this still needs to be properly blocked here are some pics what do you think? This is Yarn Pirates Smokerings and I love this yarn so much like the way it knit up and feels against my skin.  It's always fun to try out and explore new things in my creative learning process so knitting my way down this new road to lace means that I need blocking mats and the lace wires so my projects can be a fulfilling experience for me.

Here's my current project I'm calling it Winterberry Rhapsody because I'm using this lovely Cherry Tree Hill Silk blend yarn in Winterberry and I love it well I love all of my yarns but I'm drawn to jewel tones that are rich in color.  The pattern is actually called Amelia's Lace Wrap and this is quite the daunty task for me ask I've never in my 9+ years of knitting knitted anything that has so many rows and this pattern has 367 rows.  Now that I've started it I'm so in love with how the pattern is developing that I can't wait to get to the end.  I'm very thankful that I'm always excited even if I don't get the pattern it's just wonderful to enjoy the process even if you make a mistake hey, I'm human and not exempt from error.  So without further ado here's my yarn and my project so far.

Don't you just love the rich colors of this yarn I know I do and the excitement grows everytime the rich purple and magenta come around my fingers onto the needles.  In this pic I'm on row 64 and I'm currently on row 73 or 74.

Now I decided that I wanted a knit dress so I went to Fabric and this is what I got and I'm so excited to get this project planned out and so far I can't find a pattern that suites the vision I have for my dress but here's the material.  What do you think?
Well I know what I will be searching for this week or attempting to draft myself.  Until next time I pray everyone is having a great day and keep me and my family in your prayers.

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