Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feeling A Bit Excited

Hey Everyone

I told you I'd be back and here I am!!!  I wanted to come and do a short blog to keep my Word which is something that although my health isn't where I'd like it to be this has become a big thing for me. Even on my worst day I want to be able to try my best to keep my word.  My Dad always told us when we were growing up your Word is Your Bond!! In other words there maybe sometimes in your life that it maybe the only thing you have is your Word and it can make all the difference.

I did something big last week and stepped out on Faith and not to let the "cat out the bag just yet will hold on for a bit until the deal is done and then share it with you all.  I will share this though, since 2013 when my health began to really fail me my attitude about my future really changed.  I love being active and the thought of not being able to come and go as I please especially now is depressing to say the least; but if I wasn't a woman of Faith I would have thrown in the towel last summer when I began to realize that my surgery had not been a complete success.  At 48 I'm asking myself what next and I tell you the opinions, suggestions and perceptions have been something else but I'm so glad that gave me three nuggets of encouragement.  The first one was in early 2013 You don't have to validate yourself in anyone's eyes I will validate you in due season.  The second one came a few days after I came home from my surgery March 2014 I want to heal you from the inside out.  Lastly, You were Healed as you went. Now that last just came a few weeks ago and I told my Pastor I don't know where I'm going but I believe God.

Tomorrow will mark the last day of a project that God gave me back in April.  It is (was) the #90DaysofUplifting project and each day I had to post to Social media mainly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram something that would be encouraging and uplifting to someone.  It wasn't until I was in for about 2 weeks that God let me know that this is for me also.  You know what I'm coming to realize that God is always wanting what's best for us even when we have to go through something to get to it.

Well this is all for now more to come.  Until next time Be Blessed Be Encouraged and Be Creative

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