Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Periscope, Canva and a Few Other Things

Good Afternoon,

I don't always like to let the "cat out the bag" to early but if I don't share how will you know what's going on in my world.  Let me start off by saying this last few weeks have been way off, what do I mean....well for one I've felt bad, two I'm off my Bible Study time, not sleeping well, just in a rut and right at the cusp of a breakthrough all at once!!

There are some major things going on in my life but I still can't discuss them with you all right now but Oh when I can we(you can join in if you want to) will be rejoicing!!! I have been looking into what's next for my life and I had to remember to consult with God on that since He orchestrated everything up til now anyway.  I was fortunate enough though to be introduced by way of Twitter to Periscope and after watching, taking notes, sending a few emails, following advice I put it out there that today would be by 1st Periscope.  Well, I did it and if you download the Periscope app and follow me Ptitus123 you can watch my first scope.  It was just a 5 minute Scope to introduce myself but the point is I Did It!!!!

So here is my advertisement for Periscope using a wonderful tool Canva that allows you to create graphics like this one.

Well, I have some other things I need to be doing while my daughter is ready to help me so I will get back with you all later.  Until then, I pray all is well and that you're doing well and living your Purpose!!!!

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