Friday, December 18, 2015

My Christmas Planner Buddy Goodies

So I've had the pleasure of a getting to know my Planner Buddy Shirlene over this past year and I have to say we have shared so much during this year even to being diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis around the same time and being in therapy at the exact same time.  But I do know and strongly believe we were put together for a reason.

So let's jump into the wonderful package I recieved from her

My handmade Christmas Card

Next you have the Planner Charm that I love and it includes an Angel and a Cross with a Twine Knot to remind me that I'm never alone God always has my back.  

Here we have a set of Stamps from TPC Studio these are the Sentiments stamps
Top:: Mini Chalkboard Magnet
Bottom:: Imaginisce Owl Cling Stamp 
Right:: i-Clips set of 8 Owl Magnetic Bookmarks

Masking Tape Washi Set and The Happy Planner Motivational Sticker 6 Sheet Set

Top:: Set of 6 Felt Owl Clips 
Bottom::  Tin Owl canister
Right:: Owl stickers 
You see the theme here right???

Yes, I love owls and what's funny I didn't even know I loved them so much until I started using a paper planner in July 2014 and since then I have stickers, mugs, cups, clips now the only thing I need is a cute tote and T-shirt of course they must be blinged out!!!!

Lastly in  my package was this Adult Coloring Book geared toward Bible art which is important to me.  I look forward to coloring in this book in the weeks to come as I recover from my next round of treatemnts.  This year has been a trying one for me and my Planner Buddy Shirlene which you can check her out on YouTube and Instagram

As always take care be encouraged and be creative!!!!

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