Monday, December 14, 2015

Planner Upgrade and Christmas Bonaza

So I've been using the Erin Condren Life Planner(EC) since July of 2014 and as the end of this year approached I was trying to figure out exactly what direction I wanted to go in my Planner for 2016. I had mentioned this to my Planner Buddy Shirlene and she asked me about the Happy Planner.  Well I began to look at YouTube videos and the more I watched the more I was intrigued to give it a try.  My only concern is that the paper quality wouldn't be like EC and also would it fit into my Kikki K binder.

Well a few weeks ago my girlfriend came down from Cleveland and we made our way to Michaels and this is what happened

I was able to find The Happy Planner and I got the Good Things are Going to Happen version
and a few goodies.  Now I need to say that the EC Planner is $50 plus and my new Planner with coupon was only $13 which I really have to say Sealed the Deal for me.  

This was my very first time doing a Monthly layout and honestly I might give this a go in 2016.  I used FREE PRINTABLES from  CuteDaisy and random washi, journaling card and other embellishments

This is my week view with a variety of washi, stickers homemade stickers and me loving this Happy Planner so far.  Check me out in a few weeks for a more in depth review of my Happy Planner and how I'm adapting to the layout.  

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