Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review 18 Scriptures on Grace

Hey Everyone so happy we're back together and I'm finally done with the Study of Grace. 
I have to confess that I have become even more humbled by what I was introduced to by the Word of God. I now understand that God desires us to have the Gift of Grace but we must desire to and work for it!!!
Here are more of my Bible Journaling entries and I walk away from this feeling so humbled in the Love of God towards me.  As I studied these scriptures I thought what if God only sought out the Israelites ONLY?   How would we be in the way of Faith, Salvation, Spiritual relationship and so much more.  Would I be a Muslim, Buddhist or whatever else?   


In my review of the 18 Scriptures regarding Grace here are the points that stood out to me
  • Grace is a gift through the Redemption that is Christ Jesus
  • I asked myself this question after reading Acts 6:8 How can I serve in the Grace that God granted me?  Stephen was willing to do whatever it takes to please God.  So should I have that same desire as Stephen to do whatever, however and for whomever I have the chance to serve.
  • It's important not to become caught up in the hype of church instead we should follow good teaching and suffering for the Kingdom is how you grow in GRACE
  • Praying to God the Father needs to include Our Faith so that we can walk away knowing that God is Going to answer our prayers
  • We must remain humble in order to obtain the Gift of Grace. Don't allow ourselves to become high and mighty as God loves a Pure heart.
  • God gave us talents and gifts with great knowledge and power But we must make sure that we take all of that and give it back to God in our service of others.
There's so much more to this but what I do want you to know is that it's up to each of us as Believers to serve others with a pure heart and an open mind because at the end of the day we owe God everything. 

If you find my posts on the Study of Grace and would like to study the scriptures I used please let me know.  May you be blessed and stay creative. 

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