Thursday, April 7, 2016

Finding Happiness After..........

Hey Y'all, so it's been a few weeks and I've been so busy with showers, funerals, church and Dr's. appointments and then getting sick over the end of last weekend.  So in the next few posts I will share all of my fun times with you. 
But today, I wanted to share my feelings on a post I saw this morning.  I was scrolling Instagram and THIS
  Angela Simmons had posted this and it struck a chord in me that prompted this post.  So every once in a while I've talked about being ill since 2012.  I finally had a full diagnosis in 2013, surgery in 2014 after a few hospital stays and several attempts at Physical therapy.  Only to learn a few months later that my surgery was only half way successful.  Needless to say, I was really upset because normally you have surgery it takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal and then you're back to normal.
So what happens when that's not your case?  Well for me pain, sleepless nights, a cane, no longer able to work in my field or anything else I have skills for is now my reality.  I had a very difficult time trying to process my new "norm".  When you're used to being on-the-go, not having to ask for help, and so many other things a great for instance is typing this post.  I love to post to my blog and keep in touch with the friends in blog land but this post alone has taken me 3 days to post.   So a 20 to 30 minute task is now taking a ridiculously long time.  You're probably saying then why do it; well I will answer that here shortly.
Happiness was found when I became grateful for life. I may have disabilities but I'm still alive.  I may not be able to complete tasks as quickly as before but with patience I can still get the job done.  Although, I don't drive anymore I have wonderful family and friends that do what they can to help me get out the house. 
Happiness is in knowing and appreciating that it would've been worse BUT God saw fit to spare you from that.  I'm so glad for all of his love, grace and mercy.  It's knowing that I have my family and friends, that I have cultivated new hobbies that allow me to be creative, I've learned that God has a purpose for everything that has happened in my life. 
Happiness is embracing change knowing that there's goodness to come out of it.  That there is wonderful opportunities that will come because you have an expectation of happiness.  Here's my tip, word of encouragement or my drop of knowledge;  never allow change to change your outlook on life, you always have the chance to shine even if the masses don't witness it. 
You can't move forward looking back!!!  So You can't find Happiness while being Angry.  Learn that it's YOU not them; that YOUR power doesn't belong to anyone else but YOU.  So stop and take a honest look at self and work on being Happy.  Yes, life may be handing you Lemons but you can turn around and make one heck of a batch of Lemonade that will have everyone wanting to have some of yours while trying to figure out How did you manage that.  

Happiness is a Choice that only YOU are capable of making and sustaining. I pray that you will choose Happiness. Be Blessed and Be Encouraged

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