Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yes, I Guess You Can Say I've Been a Bit Busy

Tis the season for showers, birthdays and all the other celebrations that this time of the year brings. I'm sharing my contribution to some deserving souls. 

I was able to complete my first C2C pattern as a Baby shower gift to one of the young ladies at my church.  It has been all over my Facebook Crochet groups and it looked so nice in every different type of yarns.
So sorry for the lighting this is my completed C2C baby blanket.  I used Lions Brand Homespun 

then I had to create something to give to a wonderful young lady and her future hubby-to-be I was browsing through her FB page and found this quote it was perfect as the core of this gift.  So I got a canvas and went to work. First I found a font that I liked printed them out, taped and traced onto the canvas

Here's the finished project I drew the heart vines

  Both events were a hit and my small part was definitely appreciated. Now I'm able to make something for Me which rarely happens. I'm doing the C2C that's Corner to Corner blanket. I'm finding it to be challenging due to severe numbness and pain, but it will get done. Stay tuned I hope to have it done by my birthday on the 24 of this month.

I just stated my birthday is this month so why not celebrate and enjoy every act of kindness that comes my way.  So I saw the Stamp by Recollections on IG and I just had to have it!!!! Will after my Dr's appointment we went to Michaels armed with the IG picture in hand well I spotted that roll of Washi that I've been eyeing for months all over Social media. And the MAMBI sticker book just was the icing on the cake.

Oh yeah, l created this card and envelope set for the surprise birthday I attended. 

So yes, I indeed have been putting in some time to be creative and caring to others while gaining a sense of achievement for myself while fighting for my new position in life since my health is failing me no it's challenging me to find other ways to stay creative and sharing my gifts with those around me and those who have yet to meet me!!!

Go and Be Great!!!!!

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