Friday, June 20, 2014


Hey Y'all it's been a very long time since I've been able to post and boy has there been alot of things going on.  There has been some creating going on but not all that I would like.  Well for starters why don't we just cover the last 6 months in pictures.  That might help alot better.

This is me on a cane from a walker after a trip to the ER

This young man is my grandson Kaiden at 2 months old

This is me in the hospital after having to be carried out of church because I couldn't move my neck or arms

These two are of me and my ex-husband after having to have a cervical discectomy and fusion from c3 to c7 with frontal plating.  In other words I had 3 herniated disc in my neck so I have 3 cadavor discs and in the front of my neck I have a plate with 8 screws. 

This is me at home some weeks later after my shower allowing the steri-strips to dry before putting my collar back on.  At this point I'm still in misery.  The recovery was absolutely awful and this isn't my first surgery BTW.
 An here's lil Mr. Kaiden again on his way to church being occupied until it's time to go.  He's growing up so fast.  Already able to say Hi, Bye bye and Momma yeah no Da Da but Momma I can't believe it.

This is me Monday June 16, 2014 sitting in the hospital waiting to have an EMG of my left arm as my Neurosurgeon is trying to rule out the possibility of Surgery #2 to that I say the Devil is a Liar although the use of my left arm is worse than before the surgery.  Yesterday I had the second test a Myliogram with contrast and cervical CTScan.

So this is what's been going on with me personally for the past 6 months on my next post I will give you some great things that are going on with me in my crafting, career and ministry life.  Take care stay creative and be blessed.

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