Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting My Life Back on Track.........thanks Erin Condren

So I use to be a stickler for having a planner and Franklin Covey was always my fav.  But as Smartphones came into my life I pretty much relied on them until Oct. 2011 after my 2 daughters and 3 other family members were in a horrific auto accident.  I was overwhelmed by all the information I needed to have and keeping certain things compartmentalized I went to Target and found a planner and life was grand again. Forward to last year, instead of getting a planner I decided because of my church projects and such I would opt for project planners instead so I now have one for Outreach, Minister and  DVine Redemption.  that was ok for the most part and will still use them as they help set up meeting agendas and contacts of People who are in charge of specific tasks and as you can see you have the left column for what action was taken from the plan that was set in the right hand column.  I now needed something for the rest of my daily life and schedule.

Last month I was looking at getting a daily planner and of course I went to social media for reviews and what I was really looking for.  I finally went on Esty.com and found Melvedy Designs planner but when I got it although I liked it and the setup was good it was not enough space for me to really PLAN anything for a full day.  I went back to Social Media and on YouTube I started seeing videos on FiloFax, Erin Condren and Lily Pulitzer.  After determining that the cost of  Filofax was waaayyy out of my budget and Lily Pulitzer was good but it was something about the Erin Condren Customizable Life Planner that really drew me in and the option to have a 12 or 18 month planner was appealing as well.  I watched in upwards to 60 videos and everyone was enthusiatic about her product so I made up my mind to go from this  SORRY FOR THE BLURRY PIC MY SHAKING HANDS.

 The Erin Condren Planner is to your left and the Melvedy Designs Planner is to the right.   See the difference in size and from what I learned the Erin Condren Life Planner is A5 size planner.
 Here's my Erin Condren Life Planner in Fleur Feliz pink/purple there are also other planners ie. Teachers, Sorority, Inspiration/Quote, Wedding along with Address and Notebooks.
 Here's the month at a glance nice amount of room for jotting times down or below you can customize your planner to include specific bills, social activities and such look below
 At the end of your planner there is a note section with lined and unlined pages for jotting down list of various things that are important to you.
 What I also loved about her planners is that they are Bright, Customizable, there are Inspirational Quotes throughout and at the on the top of every month at a glance page. It comes with re-positional stickers with whatever you want them to say.
 Here's a tow-sided pocket for storing whatever you like.  It also includes a clear vinyl pouch that you can place whatever you need for planning on-the-go.
And here are my additional stickers with my church emblem my girls and my grandson along with event stickers just for the things that I know are important to me.  
 to finish it all up you can also order a band to hold your planner all together

Well you can check out my YouTube video of my first impression of my planner when I opened it along with the accessories I purchased to jackup my planner and make it more personal and fun and the FREEBIES that are included.  If you think this planner is for you hop on over for $10 off your first order   Stay tuned for my 30 day review and how I'm using my planner and setting it up.

Until next time keep lifting me up in prayer and I will be doing the same for you.  My next review will be a video review about my Natural Girls Rock packages I received.   Take care and God bless.

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